3 Types of word-of-mouth marketing

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Example 1: Organic individual referals

The first type of word-of-mouth advertising is organic referrals, for example between friends or colleagues. This is the most traditional form of word-of-mouth advertising – where individuals promote your products without being prompted to do so. 

Example 2: Referral campaigns

Another type of word-of-mouth advertising is where companies provide incentives to either or both the new customer and the referrer for the referral. You may for example gain a bonus or additional product features from sharing a link or referral code with potential customers, in turn getting a bonus for the referral. 

Example 3: Social media praise

A final type of referral marketing is through social media. Customers may now use various platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, or Tiktok to promote (or criticize) your products. This form ow word of mouth advertising may have a much larger reach than traditional forms – potentially bringing a large spike of customers as their posts are seen by friends or followers. 

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