Benefits of having a Post Office Box: Why they are useful for small businesses

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When setting up a small business you will inevitably run into to challenge of what to do with mail. Should you put your own personal address down or set up a Po Box? This article explores some of the advantages of having a Po Box.

No need to publish your private details

One of the primary benefits of having a Po Box as a small business is to avoid the need to publicize your home address. You may quite understandably not want to put your address online – who knows whether someone will come to your property to discuss their purchase. Having a Po Box sidesteps this problem – it allows you to publish contact details without the risk that someone will actually come to your home. 


In addition to keeping your personal details private, having a Po Box can bring professionalism to your small business. Using an apartment or even a house number can illustrate your size – potentially deterring clients who would not want to work with such a small business. 

Allows you to move without changing your business contact address

Having a Po Box also increases your flexibility should you need to move house. There is no concern associated with missing mail should you need to move house. 

No one needed in the property to collect the mail

A final benefit of having a Po Box is that there will be someone at the location to be able to accept mail – making it easier to go on holiday without having to worry about mail pilling up.