Benefits of interdisciplinary teams: How diverse backgrounds helps in groups

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Benefit 1: Diversity of experiences can help with idea generation

The first benefit of interdisciplinary teams is that they can help with idea generation. Groups from different backgrounds may be able to identify creative solutions that draw from their experiences across different areas of the organization. Together a diverse group may be able to brainstorm solutions that individual members, with only one set of experience of the firm, would not be able to identify. 

Benefit 2: Different experiences can help identify and solve potential problems with suggestions

Beyond helping to generate a breadth of ideas, diversity in the group can also help identify and solve potential problems with the ideas. Possibly a product idea generated by sales or marketing would actually be impossible to implement by product design. Involving design in the group can help identify and correct such issues at an early stage. Similarly, involving both marketing and sales can help ensure that an adaption by manufacturing would not impact the ultimate ability to sell the goods. 

Benefit 3: The involvement of different teams can help with commitment

Involving different members of the company in interdisciplinary teams can also help with gaining commitment throughout the firm. If representatives from the different areas were involved in developing an idea, that idea may face much less push-back than if it was only developed by one part of the company.

Benefit 4: The involvement of different parts of the firm can help with implementation

Finally, involvement throughout the development stage of an idea by multi-disciplinary groups can help with implementing changes. teams already know one another, increasing coordination between the various parts of the firm. Similarly, because commitment has already been gained and many possible problems already resolved, the implementation process is may be a lot smoother than if groups didn’t have diverse membership.  

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