How brick and mortar stores can compete against online shopping

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The benefits of physical brick-and-mortar stores

While there are many advantages to consumers of online shopping, there are some benefits that come with purchasing from brack-and-mortar stores. Below are some of the key reasons why customers can prefer making purchases in person.

Advantage 1: The in-store experience

The first advantage that comes with in-person shopping is the in-person experience. Customers may enjoy the experience of going around stores, trying things on, and finding bargains. It is much more of an activity than logging onto a website and making a purchase.

Advantage 2: The ability to take home goods immediately

Another advantage that comes from in-person shopping is the ability to take the items home immediately. There is no waiting for several days for the products to arrive. There are some situations where this can make a big difference – if you need a particular tool or material for a task around the home, being able to go to the store can buy the part can make the difference between whether you get that tasks completed that day, or whether you have to put the job off until the part shows up. 

Advantage 3: Inspect and try on the products

The next advantage that comes with in-person shopping is being able to hold, feel and try goods there and then. There is no waiting period before you get the item and discover if it was what you were expecting. There is no uncertainty about what will arrive. Buying products in a physical location takes some of the risks out of the shopping experience.

Advantage 4: A curated set of products

A final advantage that comes from in-person shopping is that you can view a curated set of goods in a particular area. While product recommendations may provide a similar range of options in online shopping, when buying in person you can quickly scan a large selection of similar products, and see for yourself the differences between the options available.

Final thoughts: Ensure that you are playing-up these advantages

A key thing to ensure to successfully compete as a physical store is that you are making the most of these potential advantages. For example, if items are not in stock or you can’t take them home that day, you immediately negate one possible source of advantage that your store may have relative to online stores. Similarly, if the in-store experience is lackluster, you again may be negating a potential advantage that you could have relative to online stores. Competing with online stores can be difficult, make sure that you are not throwing away potential advantages, and instead trying to play to your strengths, attracting customers that may appreciate the benefits of in-person shopping.

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