Open-plan offices: A great approach for flexible teams

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Why are open-plan offices good for flexible groups

Open-plan offices can be great for flexible groups. By moving away from private desks, it is a lot easier for flexible groups to form and coordinate with one another. In an open-plan office, you can likely see all members of a temporary group, making it a lot easier to go over and discuss ideas.

Moving away from private offices may also open up the possibility of groups being able to co-locate for temporary periods. If you have a hot-desking open-plan environment, where individuals in the office do not have assigned desks, then you may be able to temporarily have the group sit with one another – making it a lot easier to have discussions than in a traditional office.

How open-plan offices can increase cooperation between divisions

Open-plan offices can help cut silos between different divisions of the firm. If employees are able to easily see and coordinate with one another, then traditional divisions that can exist between different parts of the business may erode.