Posting to multiple social media accounts: Use a scheduling platform

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The benefits of posting on multiple social media platforms

There are many benefits associated with publishing on multiple social media platforms. Not all of your customers (or potential customers) will be on each platform, and publishing to multiple increases the reach of your posts. For each post that you create, you gain greater exposure by publishing the same or similar content across social media platforms.  

The challenges with posting in multiple places

While there are many benefits that come from posting across social media platforms, there is also the difficulty associated with having to log in to each account. The more accounts that you have, the greater the challenge associated with posting across each.

As well as having to manage each account, you also have to be aware of differences between each. The characters of posts and the size of images are different between each platform, increasing the time associated with adapting your posts for each site.

The benefits of using a social media scheduling platform when yo have multiple platforms to post to

If you have multiple social media accounts, using scheduling platforms to automatically post your content access sites can make a big difference. Depending on the platform, some of the key advantages that come from using a dedicated scheduling platform include:

Easily post across platforms

The first advantage is that they can take care of posting your message on different sites – just write it once, and then schedule it to go out on the social media accounts of your choice. This reduces the problem associated with forgetting about a particular platform – potentially because you don’t have sufficient followers. By using a scheduling platform, adding another site is just one click extra. 

No need to log in to each account

Another pain point saved is that you don’t have to remember your passwords and log into multiple different accounts – having one interface greatly reduces the time spent accessing and navigating each site. 

Images are resized to meet platform sizes

Scheduling platforms also typically take care of resizing your images so that they display correctly on the platforms that you are sharing them to. While there are times where you will still want to create ‘pixel-perfect’ images, for many general images, this is not needed, and resizing by the scheduling tools is sufficient. 

You can preview your posts in advance

A final advantage of scheduling platforms is that they display a preview of the posts in advance. This can help you ensure that your key message is displayed and not cut off when the post is published.