Should you delete your business social media accounts?

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While there are many potential benefits that come from having business social media accounts, it is not necessarily right for all firms. This article explores some of the reasons you may consider deleting your business’s social media accounts. 

The case for not having business social media accounts

You are not a consumer-focused company

One of the first reasons to consider deleting your social media presence is if you are a business-focused company, rather than a consumer-focused company. While social media can be a great way of connecting with consumers, it is less good at connecting with business customers. While clearly businesses are themselves comprised of people, there are still fewer opportunities for selling your good on social media, or generating interest in your brand, for business-focused companies relative to consumer-focused firms. 

You don't have much content to promote

Another reason to consider ditching social media is if you simply don’t have much content to promote. Social media requires some forms of new content, and while there are different types of posts that you can publish, not all firms will have the type of content that can easily be shared on-line.

You are finding it takes a up a lot of time, with little reward

Another key reason to stop maintaining your social media presence is if it is simply taking up too much of your time, especially relative to the benefits that you are seeing from it. If you have found that approaches to save time on managing a business account don’t work for you, then it may be a good time to stop something that isn’t working. Especially as a solopreneur, you need to manage your time carefully, and if social media is not working, don’t continue spending time on it. 

You are not able to convert social media interest into sales

Another reason to think twice about the time that you devote to social media is if you are struggling to convert the interest to sales. Ultimately, while a lot of likes and shares are fun to receive, actual sales are what matters to your business. Don’t let the appeal of growing a social media presence distract from your ultimate business goals.

Few people are following you, and you are getting little engagment

The other reason that you may consider stopping maintaining your social media presence – in many ways connected to the above factors – is that you are struggling to build a following. Unless you have followers, there is little point in posting. While your followers may grow over time, if you are a business-focused customer, with little news to actually share, you may find that gaining any traction is particularly difficult. 

Final thoughts: Carefully consider if social media is worth it for your firm

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you should be on social media because it is a thing that firms do. This itself is however not a good reason – managing a social media account can be a time-consuming process, and if it is not resulting in increased awareness and sales, then there are likely to be much better things that you can be doing with your time. Our advice – periodically consider if devoting time to social media makes sense for your firm. 

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