Social Media for Startups

Social media can play a significant role in the marketing approach of startups. By allowing access to a wide audience, social media allows startups to gain exposure to a large number of potential customers.

This collection of articles explores how best to approach social media and how to integrate into your broader marketing approach. 

Managing a social media presence

One of the most important ways of publicizing your company is via social media. As a startup firm, this is one key approach for customers to find out about your company, and for you to update them on your products and other announcements. The articles below are intended to help you get going with social media – determine whether it is right for your business, and how to  manage your accounts.

Integrating social media with your marketing strategy

Social media is just part of your approach to gain and retain customers. The articles below explore other marketing approaches – helping you position your social media strategy within a broader marketing strategy.