Startup perks: 5 Key reasons why employees like working for startups

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While not everyone wants to work for a startup – some people prefer the predictability and stability of an established company – working for a startup does come with many advantages. This article explores reasons why employees prefer working for startups.

Reason 1: Variety of activities

One of the primary reasons why some people prefer working for startups is the variety of activities that are involved in the job. No two days are the same. Particularly in early-stage companies, employees will likely be expected to be involved in areas throughout the firm. It is all hands on deck, and employees will likely be expected to be involved in whatever tasks need doing at that particular moment in time. 

Reason 2: Responsibilities

In addition to the variety of activities, employees of startups will also likely gain far more responsibilities than an equivalent role in a more established company. Decisions that would normally be made at higher levels of organizations will inherently be made by lower employees in very small companies. Employees may value the responsibilities that they are given – seeing startups as a way of quickly gaining positions of significant influence. 

Reason 3: Less bureaucracy

Startups are also associated with substantially less bureaucracy than larger firms. As well as giving employees greater responsibilities for making decisions, it can make the whole decision and approval process go a lot smoother. Rather than having to spend significant time convincing a superior of the importance of a particular area, employees may be able to make the decision themselves, or at least quickly with direct top management involvement. This can feel liberating – rather than focusing on politics and approvals, employees are able to get on with implementing the task at hand. 

Reason 4: Opportunities for growth

Another reason why employees can be attracted to startups is the opportunities for growth. Working across different areas will give different experiences than a more traditionally defined job in more established companies. If the company grows, early employees are also likely to be well placed to take on increasingly responsible roles in the larger company. 

Reason 5: The possibility of financial rewards

A final reason why some people are attracted to startups is the possibility of financial rewards. Early employees at many now-large tech firms have made significant sums of money in the process – either through stock that they have gained over the course of the firm or through senior positions that they hold in the larger firm.

Of course, not all firms go on to experience substantial growth – many startups fail. Thus while the possibility of working for the next ‘unicorn’ may attract some employees, it is also important to recognize that significant financial rewards of early employees is more the exception rather than the norm. 

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