The benefits of hot desking for employees

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Advantage 1: Greater ability to form small project groups

The first advantage of hot-desking for employees is it may make it easier for small project groups to form. Since employees are not confined to a specific desk, hot-desking allows groups of individuals that are working on a project to sit near one another. As new projects form, new groups can form, with all involved employees able to sit in the same area.

Advantage 2: Get to know different employees throughout the firm

The next potential advantage of hot-desking for employees is that it allows them to get to know others in the firm. By being sat next to a group of different individuals each day, employees can quickly get to know a large number of employees, including people outside of their own division.

Advantage 3: Provides a space in different offices

The availability of hot desks is also advantageous for employees that are traveling between offices. A hot-desking space allows such employees to work in different offices without needing to worry in advance whether there will be space available, or which random desk they will be allocated to.

Advantage 4: Enables greater flexibility - including for remote work

The final potential advantage of hot-desking for employees is that the arrangements may facilitate the firm moving to a hybrid work environment, offering greater flexibilities. There are substantial cost savings associated with hybrid work (where a proportion of the work is completed remotely), however savings in office space rely on the company making changes to its office – moving away from a situation where everyone has a private desk to an environment where desks are shared. Thus, a move to hot-desking may be an important component of allowing ta firm to offer more flexible working arrangements. 

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