The follow your passion approach to starting a business

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Starting a business in an area that you are passionate about can have many benefits – this article explores advantages of pursuing opportunities that you are passionate about.

Benefits beyond financial returns - You will enjoy working on

One of the first benefits of starting a business in an area that you are passionate about is that it will bring you joy beyond the financial returns. It can be easy to dismiss this – it is for example something that potential investors may not care about. However, as a company founder, this may important in itself.

If you are starting a business because of the allure of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, having an area that you are passionate about may be your most important considerations. Yes, money is important, but it is not everything – gaining value from the area that you are working in may also be a key motivator for starting your business. 

Your passion will increase the likelihood of success

Beyond the lifestyle benefits, being passionate about what you are working on can also have some material impact on the success of your business. Truly believing in your idea and being excited about pursuing it can help drive its success. Some of the ways in which a strong passion may increase your likelihood of success include:

  • Your passion may help identify new opportunities: If you are constantly thinking about the opportunity, living and breathing your idea, you may be able to spot opportunities that others have missed. 
  • You will likely put in additional effort: Your passion will drive you to get up and work on your business. You may put in extra effort than you otherwise would about an area that you don’t so directly care about. 
  • Your passion will help gain the support of others: Passion can be contagious, helping gain the interest of customers, employees, and even potential investors. Your enthusiasm can be a key component of getting others to share your vision. 
  • Helps get you through difficult times: There are a lot of challenges involved in starting a business. Being passionate about the area that you are working on can help you get through the challenges – helping you remain committed despite the inevitable setbacks. 

Helps avoid entrepreneurial burnout

Entrepreneurship is not a short-term endeavor. It is sometimes easy to fall into the trap of thinking in the near-term – the next few months to get the product launched, or the customers that you hope to acquire next quarter. But ultimately, success can take many years, and even when you have gained some success unless you plan on selling the firm, you still have the day-to-day tasks of running the business.

Being passionate about what you are working on can help get through the long-term slog of launching and running the company. Being genuinely excited about the area that you are working on can help avoid entrepreneurial burnout – the tendency to lose interest in your startup over time. 

Final thoughts: Make sure that there is a business opportunity

Of course, while pursuing a passion is important, it is also important the underlying business model makes financial sense. While you may be able to turn your passion into a business, not all hobbies are easy to make money on. The key thing is to think through ways of capitalizing on your passion – opportunities that allow you to both pursue what interests you while making a successful business at the same time.