The top 7 posts types for your business social media account

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If you establish a business social media account, one of the first challenges that you will face is finding content to share on the site. It is not easy to continually develop new content to share – and particularly so if you are a small firm without ‘new releases’ to announce on a weekly basis. This article explores seven key post types to consider for your business’s social media account.

Post Type 1: Product announcements

Possibly the most important posts on a business’s social media accounts are product announcements. Highlighting features, new releases, and other attractive aspects of your products and services can increase awareness and drive sales of your offerings.

Product announcements also allow you to post images of your offerings – a much more engaging post type than just text. Particularly if your products are visual in nature, such as clothes, jewelry, or household items, you can use social media as a showcase of your company’s products.

Post Type 2: Company news

Beyond product announcements, you can use your channel to celebrate key company milestones – opening a new location, updates on a facilities’ progress, or your increase in size to a particular number of employees. Such announcements can help illustrate your size and prominence, potentially increasing customer confidence in your offerings. 

Post Type 3: Coupons or discounts

Another very popular post on social media is coupons and discounts. These provide real value for your subscribers – often the most loyal customers of your firm, who may share the posts with their contacts, generating some word of mouth advertising for your firm.

Post Type 4: Details of what is happening behind the firm

One of making your firm feel more personal and approachable is to post about things going on internally within the company. For example, you could share details on how your product is manufactured or the photos of the team developing the product. Sharing insider details can make your firm seem more relatable – and in turn may build up some goodwill if you do run into issues with your customers.

It is however important to consider how consistent these ‘behind the scenes’ posts play within your broader social media strategy. If the majority of your subscribers are interested in the products that you posts, messages on the back-stories of your employees may cause some people to unsubscribe from your feed. If you are a particularly small firm, it may also highlight your size (if for example, your team photo is of only 4 people), and this may also not be the image that you wish to convey.

Post Type 5: Links to company blog articles

If your firm has a company blog, potentially as part of its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) approach, your social media accounts are a key way of generating further value from this content. Indeed, if you have a substantial number of posts made over time, so long as they are still relevant now, you can post links to these back-items – a quick way of ‘generating’ a lot of content. 

Post Type 6: Reposts of customer success

Another type of post that you can make is sharing ‘success stories’ of your customers using your products (with their agreement). Such mini-case studies, potentially linking to a longer blog article, can help validate the benefits of your products.

These stories can also help bring some brand recognition to your company. If a much larger or recognizable firm is using your products, highlighting these stories can illustrate that your firm is trusted by established firms.

Post Type 7: Articles discussing your firm in the news

Finally, if your firm is lucky enough to get positive press coverage – potentially reviews of your product – you may consider sharing that post on your wall as well. Not only is this a very easy way of generating content, but also it can help amplify the positive news, lending external validation to your products beyond just company posts.

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