Top 3 reasons for maintaining an entrepreneurial work-life balance

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It is easy as an entrepreneur to think that the success of your firm is the only thing that is important – to believe that you should be putting every minute of the day into making your company a success. While there may be times where putting in a concentrated effort is important, ultimately maintaining a work-life balance is important. This article explores key reasons for maintaining a work-life balance when running your own company. 

Reason 1: Keeping your passion

The first reason to maintain a work-life balance is that it can help maintain your passion for your business. Maintaining a passion for what you do can be important for starting a company. Your passion may help you identify new opportunities, help you gain the support of others, and also get you through difficult times. Having a balance between your work and lifestyle can help you avoid getting impacted drained by missteps – allowing you to maintain this passion.

Reason 2: Avoiding entrepreneurial burnout

Beyond maintaining excitement, keeping a work-life balance can also help you avoid entrepreneurial burnout  – the opposite extreme to having a passion. Entrepreneurial burnout is the tendency to feel exhausted because of the many challenges that you will likely face as an entrepreneur.

Getting burnt out on starting your firm is not uncommon. There are inevitable challenges that you will face – and these may be harder to deal with if you are entirely consumed by your company. It can result in plummeting motivation, or at the extreme the tendency to give up on your business venture. While there may be calculated reasons to decide to stop with your venture, the fact that you have lost motivation from working a prolonged period of time with no balance to your life, is a situation that you likely want to avoid.

Reason 3: Because your lifestyle is important

A final reason for maintaining a work-life balance extends beyond the success of your company – ultimately, your lifestyle is also important.

In many ways, entrepreneurship (and especially if you are a solo entrepreneur – starting a company by yourself) can be considered as a means to an end – obtaining a desired lifestyle and also sustained earnings. While company success may be important in achieving this, it is also important not to lose sight of the lifestyle component. After all, is it often a key reason that many founders get into entrepreneurship.

Further thoughts: Recognizing your priorities

It is important to recognize that the balance for everyone between work and life is not going to be the same for everyone. There may be times where you want and need to put a greater emphasis on the work component (and times where you can reprioritize your balance more towards your lifestyle).