Top 5 upselling examples: Industries where optional extras are important

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There are certain industries where upselling is an integral component of the business model. This article examines five industries where upselling is most important.

Upselling Example 1: Restaurant side-dishes


Possibly the most common form of upselling is in the restaurant industry. Every time the servers offer additional items that you can add to your meal, they are looking to upsell your meal – increasing your spend at the restaurant.

Examples of upselling in the restaurant area:

  • Side dishes
  • Drink sizes
  • Deserts

Upselling Example 2: Automotives


Upselling is common in the automotive industry. While vehicles are typically advertised by their base price, very few people buy the base model of the vehicle, which typically doesn’t include electric windows. 

Examples of upselling in the automotive industry:

  • Sunroofs
  • Entertainment system
  • Leather seats
  • Electric windows

Upselling Example 3: Product warranties


Product warranties are some of the most commonly upsold services. Retailers will offer to add warranties to many electronic and household products, increasing the total sales price for the items purchased. 

Upselling Example 4: Hotels


There are significant upselling opportunities within the hotel industry. Individuals on holiday are often willing to spend extra for additional perks to improve their stay.

Examples of upselling in the hotel industry:

  • Room size
  • Room view
  • Mini-fridge
  • Room service
  • Early check-in, extended check-out
  • Internet

Upselling Example 5: Airlines


Upselling is a key component of an airline’s business model – and particularly so for low-cost airlines, that are able to charge relatively low price prices while making up sales through add-ons. 

Examples of upselling in the airline industry:

  • Early check-in
  • Snacks
  • Luggage
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