What is a open door management style?

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Understanding an open door managment style

An open door management style is one that encourages employees to come to you at any point with their questions, problems, or concerns. Rather than having to schedule specific times – potentially weekly or monthly check-in, an open door style specifically lets employees know that they are free to come at any point to discuss what they are working on or need help. 

Advantages of a open door managment style

Some of the advantages associated with an open-door management style include:

Be seen as more approachable

Having a specific policy that encourages employees to come and discuss their issues may make you appear more approachable. Rather than having a set time in the week for them to come and discuss their issues, an open-door management style encourages employees to raise their issues as they arise. 

Understand issues employees face

By encouraging employees to come to speak to you at any point you may gain a better understanding of the issues that employees are facing. These could be task-related issues with the specific area that they are working on, or they could be potential problems with the work environment. This may allow you to offer your help or potentially to solve some of the problems that are raised. 

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