Why people like subscription boxes: The key value for customers

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This article explores some of the key reasons why customers choose to subscribe to subscription boxes – key reasons to keep in mind if launching or selling subscription boxes.

A curated selection of items

One of the primary reasons that customers may choose subscription boxes is that the boxes bring subscribers a curated selection of items. Rather than having to pick out items yourself, the subscription boxes offer a curated selection of items. 

The value of the items in the box

Another reason why customers may subscribe to the boxes is that the boxes bring a selection of items that may exceed the cost of the monthly subscription price. Subscription services may be able to take advantage of their large purchasing volumes and negotiation power. Alternatively, subscription box providers may be able to gain items at a discount to help drive further sales to items included – such manufacturers may benefit from the expose of having their items included, and the customers benefit from gaining a selection of items below the retail cost. 

The joy of getting items delivered

Another benefit of subscription deliveries is the joy of getting items delivered. Every month a new box is delivered, contained a selection of items. While your customers are paying, it may feel like a gift – a box full of items that were not specifically chosen. 

A gift that continues throughout the year

While many customers directly subscribe to subscription boxes, a large proportion is also given as gifts. For gift purchases, part of the attraction is that the subscription boxes keep on giving – delivering a box to the gift recipient throughout the year, rather than a one-off present. 

Final thoughts: Think through where customers are seeing benefits from

It is important to recognize and to be aware of where benefits are coming from. Being aware of the value for the customer is ensuring that you don’t gradually erode the value over time (potentially without realizing it). If you understand the benefits, you are better placed to further increase the value – helping you to retain subscribers and grow your subscription base. 

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